Aug 4, 2010

Creative Art Award 2010

Another competition which I took part in June.

Category B (Open group) Storyboard drawing with theme : The toys are alive!
Organized by TOA and New Straits Time

Here's the storyboard.

Please ignore the description!
As you know I always crap!!!
I hate drop shadow effects.
But I used tons of them in this artwork till my dad's laptop hang just to try a new style!!!!
My previous storyboard drawings done by marker pens.
I find it boring very long time ago.

Super rough sketch......

Sketch on used paper for scanning.....

  • I did lots of research on vintage toys, very like them~~
  • Trying the new style really killing me.
  • Artwork done in Adobe InDesign!
I thought I lost cause I dint receive any news from the organizer.
Received call from the organizer few days before the prize giving ceremony(24th July), informed me that I am one of the finalist.
I've a trip with my friends in Bukit Tinggi on that day, I couldn't make it.
Me asking my parents to attend the ceremony. Well, they knew why I stared at the computers everyday at last. ( Yap!!...I'm not playing games!!! I'm busying with my design!!)

Guess what? I won!! 1st Prize for my artwork!!
Check it out.
Very least expected.
I'm the only lady in the list...(-___-)

It won me an Acer Aspire lappie (What my bro called) and Canon Pixma All-in-one Printer!
At last I got my very own lappie, and I dont have to waste my money to get one!
Before that, my parents keep mumbling on getting a lappie asap.
I was thinking about getting a PC lappie or Mac lappie.
End up, my fate is to use PC on designing..........

This blue lappie very light, I like~~ XD

For this, I'll give it to my bro if he say yes!!!

If you are asking me about how I feel when I won this competition, I'll say it's just OK for me.
Not to say very excited. Just to have fun with it. :)
And I think this is important:
Never be unduly elated by victory or depressed by defeat.

Nothing to be proud of.
Just doin my best.

Special thanks : my parents :)


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It's ok for me...hhha
Cheer up!

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